sanico-green-cleaningSanico has been servicing the Greater Cleveland Area since 1972 with the goal and philosophy of providing the highest level of cleaning services in the industry.  By constantly maintaining this philosophy, the client list keeps increasing and now includes some of the area’s most prestigious organizations and buildings. Account retention is unequaled, due to Sanico's reputation for integrity and professionalism in the cleaning industry.

Sanico started as a small family company and has evolved into a well respected, very competitive Ohio Corporation.

Owner and President of Sanico Cleaning, Terry Pallaise, has been involved in every aspect of the company since 1988. Terry has been able to maintain the “family” image by upholding the old adage “the buck stops here”! If you have a problem with a service or require additional information regarding Sanico, call Terry directly and he will answer all of your questions.

Sanico is an active professional member of B.S.C.A.I. and the Greater Cleveland Growth Association. Through these memberships and attending various trade shows, seminars and conventions, Sanico is able to remain updated on new techniques and products therefore making their services more effective.

In compliance with the Ohio Industrial Commission and Ohio Bureau of Worker's Compensation, Sanico is fully insured in both the personal and property areas.